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Lawn & Garden

Lawn & Garden

Visit Oregon Dairy’s Lawn & Garden Department!

We’ve got EVERYTHING you need to make your lawn and garden the envy of your neighborhood. Plants, seeds, soils, planters, hand tools, composting aids, and more … it’s all right here at Oregon Dairy’s Lawn and Garden Center!

Garden Supplies

From decorative planters to gardening tools and supplies, we’ve got everything you need to make your yard beautiful and inviting.  We carry a large selection of shovels, trowels, rakes, pitching forks, hoes, garden hoses, water cans, spreaders, and more. Whiskey barrels, potting soils, decorative stone, Scott’s lawn care products, wrought iron plant holders, landscape fabric, grass seed and fertilizer.


Enliven your lawn and garden year after year with select Annuals and Perennials from our Lawn and Garden Center. Our wide selection will help you put your home in full bloom.

Mulch and Potting Soils

At the foundation of every well-landscaped lawn and garden is quality Mulch and Potting Soils. We’ve got a wide variety of mulches, soils, and fertilizers to choose from. Visit us and lay the “ground work” for a gorgeous outdoor setting.

Bulk Mulch, Compost & Cow Manure Available by the Scoop – We Deliver!

  • Prices By The Scoop: Premium Bark Mulch or Black Dyed Mulch – $28.95/scoop
  • Gardener’s Compost – $24.99/scoop
  • Dehydrated Cow Manure – $19.99/scoop
  • Scoop Size = 3/4 Yard (covers 162 sq. ft. at 2″ deep)

Delivery Information  Compost and Manure Ratios

What’s On Sale?

  • 2 cu. ft. Bags Oregon Dairy Premium Black Dyed Mulch – 3/$14 – Buy 6 Bags Get One FREE!
  • 2 cu. ft. Bags Oregon Dairy Premium Bark Mulch – 3/$14 – Buy 6 Bags Get One FREE!
  • 2 cu. ft. Bags Oregon Dairy Gardener’s Compost – 3/$12
  • 2 cu. ft. Bags Oregon Dairy Dehydrated Cow Manure – 3/$9.99
  • 50lb Bag Country Boy Play Sand – 5/$20
  • 2 cu. ft. Bag Covers 16 sq. ft. at 2″ deep (4′ x 4′ area)

Selection of Mulch & Potting Soils Include:

  • Bagged Mulch
  • Michigan Peat
  • Country Boy Play Sand
  • Oregon Dairy Organics Gardener’s Compost – available by the bag or by the scoop
  • Oregon Dairy’s Dehydrated Cow Manure – available by the bag or scoop
  • Miracle Gro Garden Soil
  • Miracle Gro Potting Mix
  • Miracle Gro Garden Soil for Trees & Shrubs
  • Earth Gro Potting Soil