Oregon Dairy’s Omega 3 Milk

First Dairy Farm in The Nation to Naturally Produce Omega-3 Whole Milk!

Our goal has always been to provide Lancaster County with the selections that promote health and value.  That’s why we’re introducing Our Own complete line of Omega-3 Milk produced naturally by the cows in our dairy!  

Oregon Dairy is the First Dairy Farm In The Nation to Produce Omega-3 Milk Naturally in The Cows.  Other Omega-3 milks use additives like fish oil at the processing plant to include Omega-3 fats. Oregon Dairy is the only dairy that builds Omega-3s in the cow!

Here is a great article written by Sherry Bunting, Agriculture Writing and Photography Services that was in Farmshine Paper:


Omega-3 fat is a major factor in promoting your family’s health by reducing cholesterol and providing long-chain fatty acids that improve heart health, brain function, and eyesight.     

 Look for Omega-3 s in Oregon Dairy Heavy Cream, Whole milk, 2% Reduced Fat Milk, and Whole Chocolate Milk. 

  • Oregon Dairy cows are the only cows that provide high levels of Omega-3 naturally through their diet, not added later during processing.  
  • Omega-3s have lots of benefits for your family like promoting heart and brain health, and lowering cholesterol. 
  • There’s absolutely no difference in the satisfying taste you’ve come to expect from Oregon Dairy milk. 

How do we get Omega-3 Milk?

The dairy herd at The Farmstead at Oregon Dairy eats a ration supplemented with greatOPlus nutrients, which has a number of ingredients that are good for the cow’s physical performance and benefits to milk and meat production. Important ingredients are flax and algae. GreatOPlus has gone through extensive university and field testing and is a completely safe and natural product.  GAlgae does not affect the smell or taste of Oregon Dairy’s milk



BetterFed Foods founder Bernie Hansen presents Vic Hurst from Oregon Dairy with the initial payment for being part of the Climate Smart Premiums program.



Our Story:

It all began in 1952 when Pop and Mom Hurst purchased a dairy farm in the little town of Oregon, PA.  They had a dream of serving their friends and neighbors by selling fresh products from their farm. In 1974, that dream became a reality when they built and operated a small dairy store from which they sold farm fresh milk, eggs and produce. Today, we are proud to continue their legacy and bring our milk “Fresh From Our Farm to Your Fridge!” You’ll taste the Oregon Dairy, Omega-3 Milk difference with your morning cereal, when you’re dunking cookies, and in all the other countless ways you serve it up – So pour it on!

The best milk makes the best ice cream. Famous and featured in our Milkhouse and in our frozen dairy section: Leiby’s Ice Cream made fresh from our Oregon Dairy cream. Dip into the goodness! Treat yourself and your family to a cone after shopping and take some home for later.