Stonyrun Wagyu Meat

Locally grown Purebred Wagyu Meat from Spring City, PA
“The Meat Behind The Kobe Legend”

Stonyrun Farms is a local 5th generation family farm that has been operating in Spring City, PA for more than 110 years. They are one of the very few Wagyu meat herds in the United States. Stonyrun Farms nurtures their Wagyu herd in an exceptional environment. They are free to roam on pasture or in open pens, and are never restrained. The feed is locally purchased forage and grain, and the cattle are never given hormones, growth stimulants, animal by-products or antibiotics.
Oregon Dairy is the one and only exclusive retailer to sell Stonyrun Farm Wagyu Beef.

Stonyrun Farms Wagyu Family Stonyrun Farms Wagyu

Nothing compares to the incredible taste and tenderness of Wagyu meat. The unique marbling of Wagyu creates an exquisite flavor and melt-in-your mouth texture that surpasses even cuts of Angus beef. Wagyu is a healthier cut of beef, containing less saturated fats, and a higher concentration of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Wagyu Beef

Stonyrun Wagyu