Oregon Dairy Fundraisers

We can help to facilitate your organization’s fundraiser!  These fundraiser options are great for church youth groups, mission trips, sports teams, boy scouts, girl scouts and any other non-profit organization. Below is more information on how we can work together to support our great community.

Meat Bundle Fundraisers
Our Fresh Meat Bundles make great fundraisers for your non-profit organization!Oregon Dairy Meat Bundle Certificate

We offer a large selection of meat bundles from $49.99 to $249.99.  From Gourmet Burger Bundles and Chicken Coop Bundle to
The Barnyard Bundle and Fill Your Freezer Bundle!

Contact us to learn more on how you can raise money for your organization.

Email Nancy Shaffer at nancy.shaffer@oregondairy.com

Click Here to view our Meat Bundles.


Three bowls of soup and assorted vegetablesOregon Dairy Soup Fundraisers

Sell Our Fresh Made Soup to Raise Money For Your Organization!

For the soup fundraiser, we provide free brochures that includes a soup order form for the members of your organization. Your team members use the brochures to sell the soup in advance and collect the money as they make the sale. At the end of your fundraising period, you collect all the brochure order forms and the money from your team members and then place your bulk soup order. You will use part of the money collected to pay for soup when it is ordered and the rest of the money collected is your profit for your fundraiser!

All Soups Listed Are Priced – $5/quart or $20.00/gallon (4 quarts)

Suggested Retail – $10/quart or $40/gallon (4 quarts)

Choose As Many Soups From The Following List:

    • Vegetable Beef Soup
    • Chicken Corn Noodle Soup
    • Tomato Bisque
    • Chicken Corn Soup
    • Creamy Potato Soup
    • Ham & Bean Soup

Click Here For List of Ingredients for Each Soup.

All soups will be prepared and packaged cold in bulk buckets and ready for pickup.

Below are the cost of quart containers & lids if you need them to package the soup to sell

  • Sleeve of 50 Quart Containers – $9.00
  • Sleeve of 50 Lids for Containers – $7.50

Please call our kitchen manager to place your order (717) 656-2856 ext. 250.
All Orders Must Be Placed 2 Weeks Prior To Date Of Pickup.

Download Order Form

NEW! “The Dinner Bell” Dining Room Fundraisers at The Restaurant at Oregon Dairy

Receive 20% of Food and Beverage Sales Donated Back To Your Non-Profit Organization!

How it works:
We feature your non-profit organization in our restaurant for (1) Monday or Tuesday Evening from 3pm – 8pm. Anyone who dines with us that evening and mentions your organization will have 20% of their bill donated to your organization! It’s that easy!

Invite your friends and family for a great night out with delicious food and no dishes to wash! See details below to make your reservation.

      • Contact Dustin Brubaker at dustin.brubaker@oregondairy.com or717-656-2856 ext. 250 to make your reservation at least one month in advance of your proposed date. We will do our best to accommodate your organization.
      • Complete our W-9 Form and provide us with your non-profit ID number
      • Guests dining the evening of your event must present a flyer and/or mention your organization in order for your organization to receive the 20% donation from their total bill
      • Share your event on Social Media (Facebook, Email, Website, etc.), Handout Flyers to your friends & family and have you friends & family share your event!
      • Nonprofit organizations can book (2) Dinner Bell fundraisers per calendar year
Download Request Form

Washing CarSaturday Car Wash Fundraisers

Your Organization Must Supply the Following Items:

        • 3 Hoses – 50′ to 75′ Long
        • A hose “y” to enable you to have access to 2 hoses from a single spigot
        • Sponges, buckets, brushes, soap and plenty of towels

Needed From You Prior to Car Wash:

        • 2-3 Week notice to book your car wash
        • A $25.00 Deposit is required to reserve the date of the car wash
        • The person in charge (21 or older) must come to Guest Services in the store to sign a waiver releasing Oregon Dairy from any accidents which may happen during the car wash. That same person needs to be present the entire time from set up to clean up of car wash.
        • A person 21 or older must be at the car wash at all times.
        • Only licensed drivers 21 or older are permitted to move any cars during the car wash.
        • For safety reasons, all participants must stay away from the main road (Rt 272) and 4 feet from the driveway.

Dress Code, Rules and Policies:

        • Car washes at Oregon Dairy are to be done in a smoke-free environment
        • Dress Code: shorts and shirts are required. Bathing suits and halter tops are not permitted.
        • Cars must be washed and dried thoroughly. This will reflect on your organization as well as Oregon Dairy.
        • All participants helping at the car wash are to park in the grass.
        • When the car wash is over – the car wash area needs to be cleaned properly.
        • Turn off water spigot, remove all hoses & equipment and clean up any debris.
        • The $25 deposit will be returned by mail.
Pro Tip: Pre-sell Car Wash Vouchers to boost donations!

Oregon Dairy Pie Fundraiser

Sell Pies to Raise Money For Your Organization!

        • 8″ Apple Pie – Cost $4.75
        • 8″ Cherry Pie – Cost $4.75
        • 8″ Blueberry Pie – Cost $4.75
        • 8″ Pumpkin Pie – Cost $4.75
        • 8″ Shoo-Fly Pie – Cost $6.25

Pie Fundraiser Information:

        • Organization can set the sale price of the pies
        • Orders must be placed 1 month in advance of pick up date
        • Pies can be picked up at Oregon Dairy
        • Oregon Dairy will supply grocery bags for easy handling
        • Delivery is available – please call for delivery fees
        • Any questions, Please contact Amy Denlinger  at 717-656-2856 or email amy.denlinger@oregondairy.com
Download Order Form

Oregon Dairy Sub & Kaiser Sandwich Fundraiser

Sell Our Fresh Ready Made or Make Your Own Subs & Sandwiches to Raise Money For Your Organization!

Choose From:

        • 9″ Ready Made Subs (American, Ham & Cheese, Turkey, Italian, Roast Beef) – $5.49/each
        • Ready Made Kaiser Sandwiches (American, Ham & Cheese, Turkey, Roast Beef) – $3.49/each

Please call our deli department to place your order (717) 656-2856 ext 220.

All orders must be placed 2 weeks before date of pickup.