Oregon Dairy’s Pasture-Raised Angus Beef

Oregon Dairy’s Pasture-Raised Angus Beef is raised on grass in our pastures here at The Farmstead at Oregon Dairy. As the steers are nearing their finished weight, we supplement the grass with grain from our farm.

Our Black Angus Beef will be sold in 1/8 Bundles.

We are currently taking orders for Angus Beef Bundles!

Note: Individually packaged and priced cuts of Oregon Dairy’s Angus Beef are also available in the meat department. Stop by our Angus Beef freezer case (located in the meat department) for individually packaged and sealed cuts of Angus beef. See our list of 1/8 bundle cuts for cuts available in our Angus Beef freezer case. 

Oregon Dairy's Pasture Raised Angus Beef

If interested in ordering an 1/8 bundle, we will let you know if the beef is available. If we are sold out, we will let you know the next available date. An 1/8 bundle is literally 1/8 of the total yield of meat from one steer, so the bundles may vary slightly. Our angus beef is hand-cut and each cut of meat is frozen in a convenient, individually vacuum sealed pack.

    • 1/8 Bundles are now available for pickup
    • Oregon Dairy’s Angus Beef is processed locally at a State Inspected Facility.
    • Bundles come in frozen, USDA labeled, and individually vacuum sealed.
    • Bundles must be pre-ordered.
    • Market Price
        • 2 – Chuck Roast
        • 3 – Delmonico Steaks
        • 2 – Tenderloin Steaks
        • 1 – London Broil
        • 2 – 1lb Beef Cubes
        • 5 – 4 Packs of 5oz Patties
        • 2 – 1 lb Packs of Chip Steak
        • 2 – Flat Iron Steaks
        • 3 – NY Strip Steaks
        • 2 – Sirloin Steaks
        • 1 – Rump Roast
        • 15 – 1lb Ground Beef
        • 1 – Soup Bone

* Bundles will also contain (1) of the following: 1 – Tri Tip or 1 Flank Steak or 1 Skirt Steak or 1 Mock Tender

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