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Family Dinner Packages

Family Dinner Packages

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Looking for an Easy Way to Make Family Dinner This Holiday Season? Check Out These Family Dinner Packages!

Oregon Dairy’s Family Dinner Packages are prepared fresh and ready for you to take home and reheat! Packages include enough food for four to six people and can be ordered online. Whether you’re looking for a traditional holiday meal or something a little different, there’s sure to be a package that will fit your family’s needs. This is a great option for holiday gatherings! Let us take care of the cooking this year.

This holiday season, why not try one of these family dinner packages to make things easier? With so many things to do during the holidays, it can be tough to find the time to make a family dinner. These assembled meals can help you get a delicious, healthy meal on the table without all the hassle.

Chose between five different main course options, three hot sides, one cold side and a choice of pie made fresh from our award winning bakery.

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