Oregon Dairy Chocolate Milk (1 gallon)



Omega-3 fat is a major factor in promoting your family’s health. Omega-3 reduces cholesterol and provides long-chain fatty acids that improve heart health, brain function, and eyesight. Look for Omega-3 s in Oregon Dairy Heavy Cream, Whole milk, 2% Reduced Fat Milk, and Whole Chocolate Milk. Local milk is the best milk! Our chocolate milk is a sweet and nutritious way to start your day! It’s not just the kiddos that love our chocolate milk. It’s a rich and delicious way to start any morning. Oregon Dairy’s chocolate milk is a fan favorite at any event. Perfect for brunch parties, showers, or birthday parties! It’s also a great addition to the sports parents out there who bring food for the team! Chocolate milk is an excellent source of protein. It contains both whey and casein protein, which are easily digestible and provide essential amino acids to support muscle growth and repair. This makes it an ideal choice for athletes or anyone looking to start their day with a protein-packed breakfast.
Get fancy and make our chocolate milk into scrumptious hot chocolate! Simply heat up our milk on your own, or order hot here.

1 Gallon serves 10-12 people. Please allow 48 hours to complete any online order.

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To our customers with food allergies: Please be advised that the products prepared in our food preparation areas may contain or have come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts, soy beans, milk, eggs, wheat, fish or shellfish.

Please allow 48 hours for all online orders. For orders needed in less than 48 hours, please call our store at (717) 656-2856.