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Choose between 2 dispensers. If insulted is chosen, it must be returned within 48 hours.

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From weddings to corporate events, hot tea is a popular choice for hosts looking to create a unique and memorable experience for their guests. Not only does it offer a wide variety of flavors and options, but it also provides a sense of relaxation and comfort that is unmatched by other beverage choices. Bring along our hot water and various bags for co-workers, to sporting events or brunch parties! A soothing cup of tea is bound to brighten anyone’s day. From classic black to herbal blends, there is a option to suit every taste and preference. Let us take the hassle of making enough hot water and transporting away. Choose between a disposable drink dispenser or an insulated dispenser (must be returned within 48 hours).
Having guests over for breakfast? While sipping on your hot beverage, enjoy delicious bites from a fresh quiche!

Hot Water with Assorted Tea Bags and Lemons. 1 Gallon serves 10-12 people.

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