School/Farm Tours

School Field Trips

Oregon Dairy offers tours of our Farm & Store to non-profit organizations and schools.

Tours are scheduled for Monday through Friday from 9 am till 2pm from March through October.

Oregon Dairy is now offering access to our Fall Corn Maze in September and October as part of our field trip packages for schools and organizations!

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Farm Tours

About our Farm and Store Tours

  • Your students will enjoy an open-air tractor & wagon ride from the store to the barn where they will meet our herd of over 450 cows, see where they sleep and how they are milked.
  • Your students will have a chance to pet a calf.
  • They will learn about dairy farming, growing feed and how we process our own milk.
  • After the farm tour, they will ride back to the store to begin their store tour.
  • Students will visit each department…including: produce, bakery, seafood, deli, meat & grocery and learn fun, educational facts about our grocery store.
  • Students will also take a tour of our warehouse, learn about how we recycle cardboard and see where all the delicious ice cream is stored in our huge walkin freezers.
  • No tour would be complete without a sample of Oregon Dairy’s delicious Chocolate Milk and a mini-Vanilla Ice Cream Cone! PLUS…every student will receive a FREE Goodie Bag!
  • If time permits, Oregon Dairy has an amazing playground for the kids to enjoy before heading back to class. The playground includes a spiral sliding board inside a silo, tire swings, sliding boards and a “Secret” Cattle Chute!

About our *NEW* Corn Maze Field Trips

  • Our Corn Maze offers fun exercise and educational exposure to food production!
  • Students will practice map reading and critical thinking skills
  • Students will also learn the value of working on a team as they navigate the Corn Maze
  • Groups will have access to our very popular Jump Pad during their visit to the Corn Maze!
  • We also offer a night-time Flashlight Maze on Friday and Saturday evenings
  • Corn Maze Field Trips are only available in September and October – Monday through Friday from 9am – 2pm

*NEW* Tour Package with Oregon Dairy and Hands-On-House!


To Book A Tour contact us at (717) 656-2856.

The following is required:

  • Call at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • Call between the hours of 8am – 4pm.
  • Minimum tour is 10 people
  • Payment options include credit card or check
  • Encourage comfortable clothing, including: clothing appropriate for outdoor weather (be prepared for seasonal weather changes!) and closed toe shoes.
  • Please provide an accurate count of people for your group. We ask that you have 1 adult per 4-5 children.
  • Prices vary based on size of group and what activities you would like to include, Please call TODAY to discuss your trip!

Making the Grade!

To make sure our Farm Tour meets your needs as a teacher, we did our homework. The result? You now have access to lesson plans that meet Pennsylvania’s State Standards in Math, Science, and Reading, as well as Common CORE standards in Literacy and Math. These lesson plans include State Standards, Lessons, Reading Guide Pamphlet, Worksheets and Key Vocabulary. We also have curriculum that includes a Lab Component for students in 6th-8th grades.  All four lesson plans include an answer keys as well as videos. This will help in planning your pre-trip lessons and also your post-trip lessons.

Lesson Plans Include:

“On the Dairy Farm”
Elementary School: 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade
Lesson One: “Makin’ Cows Smile.”
Lesson Two: “Keepin’ It Fresh”
Lesson Three: “Goin’ Round & Round”
Lesson Four: “Handin’ It On”
Lesson Five: “Choosin’ Keeps You Cruisin”Each lesson includes a video motivator, comprehensive lesson plan, reading guide, overhead transparencies or Ipad graphics, and assessment-based worksheets
Middle School: 6th, 7th & 8th Grade
Lesson One: “Animal Health”
Lesson Two: “Milk Quality & Safety”
Lesson Three: “Dairy in The Environment”
Lesson Four: “In The Community”Lessons tie into Common CORE and STEM standards for math, science and reading and address concepts such as selective breeding, balanced diets, food safety and chemistry, recycling nutrients, natural and capital resources, and the economy.

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